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General Rules

This is not a "strict" rule so don't worry : ) All posters must be 18 years old or older. All posts must be written in Tagalog and/or English only (local dialects are not allowed). 1) No Political or Religious threads & posts. 2) No Promotional Threads or Promotional Link Drops 3) No name and shame threads. If you have an issue with someone take it up with them. 4) Posts must add value. 5) If your post is removed do not question it in a new thread. It will be deleted. 6) All new threads are moderated. Duplicates threads will be deleted. 7) If you see spam, political, religious, or rude posts. Please report it so it can be reviewed. 8) Please reply to someone like you are having a one on one conversation in person or like a real Kumare. 9) Signatures - Must direct to your own site (if you have). No affiliate links allowed. 10) No pornography threads or posts. 11) Have fun and let's Chika! Note - These rules can be updated or changed at any time.

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